Brighter Future mobility group closes down after failing to secure funding

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Brighter Future Mobility, which recycled and sold equipment, has been forced to shut permanently after it was unable to secure funding despite a large campaign to raise money in the last two months.

The group’s website is down and reads: “We would like to thank each and every one of our customers for their support of Brighter Future Workshop. Despite all efforts we have been unsuccessful in securing funding for the charity and have now closed.”

Lancashire-based Brighter Future warned in June that it could close by this month if it was unable to raise a £50,000 shortfall.

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Brighter Future, which trained people with disabilities to repair mobility equipment, before selling products on through its retail outlet, received no funding and made its money by retailing equipment.

The group has set up a social media campaign and a Just Giving page in June in an effort to stay afloat.

By July it had raised just 7% of the funds needed to keep it open, including a £1,000 donation from an anonymous individual.

The group’s chairman, Peter Cousins MBE, stepped down recently and had hoped Brighter Future would be taken over by a successor or larger organisation.

His ambition had been for the Brighter Future model to be rolled out across the country with the potential of striking a deal with one of the industry’s manufactures.

In June he told the Liverpool Echo that closing would be a “serious blow” to local people with disabilities.

He said: “It is very sad for our charity and staff, but mostly for the many young disabled people who will lose their placements in our workshop; these trainees help to recycle mobility equipment.”

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  1. Deeply saddened to read about the closure of Brighter Futures Workshop. We have worked closely with Peter and his for over a decade. Our initial contact was through our North West Positive Action Awards, when we were pleased to play a small part in recognising the wonderful work they did.
    Our thoughts today are with the whole team, their staff, their volunteers and their work placement students.

  2. I feel sorry for the people who have lost there jobs,But for years they had sold discounted equipment via Auction selling sites. Undercutting local dealers.So in that respect,I am glad they have gone.

    1. In response to Mr A J Wellings; Brighter Future Workshop sold recycled (not discounted) mobility equipment at affordable prices – much less than other local or national retailers. As a ‘local’ Charity, they served the disabled communities of Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, Merseyside and other UK regions. As many other retailers and dealers do; they did sell through their eBay store and occasionally sold items on eBay auction site in order to reach out to a wider disabled community: This is otherwise known as forward thinking in the 21st century, and not prohibiting disabled people from shopping – especially if they were housebound. The revenue raised at BFW from selling mobility equipment was then re-invested to provide and support a training workshop environment for disabled students. You are entitled to your self satisfied comment, but have you any idea how the closure of BFW will impact and greatly affect all those service users, students, staff and management? BFW was never set up to ‘undercut’ any other organisation! Their sole ethos from the beginning was to include, support, aid and provide for a Brighter Future within the disabled community.

  3. Well Sue,i am sure the the folks in the local mobility shops welcome your comments. And like you said the BFW where playing at it.Not really out to make money.And they still did not do that..

    Brighter Future, which trained people with disabilities to repair mobility equipment, before selling products on through its retail outlet, received no funding and made its money by retailing equipment.

    Like i said feel sorry for the folks who lost there jobs,But it was not really a viable situation

  4. We are a new small business at Miller Mobility Workshop
    Even though I have cerebral palsy and am wheelchair bound,
    I manage to get about no problem.

    I service and repair mobility scooter’s at Brighter Future Workshop Ltd began in 2005 when Peter came across a young disabled volunteer working in Ormskirk Paul Miller. 
    Paul hauled himself out of his power chair, crawled across the floor and removed a wheel from a piece of equipment. The piece of equipment had been returned with a flat tyre of which needed changing. 

    This was a huge physical achievement for Paul, and he was so pleased that he had managed to fix the problem himself.  Peter saw the broad grin on Paul’s face and he experienced a “Eureka” moment

    I left work at Brighter Future Workshop in 2016,
    Brighter Future Workshop closed in August 2018

    Best wishes

    Paul Miller
    Chairman Miller Mobility Workshop

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