BREXIT: Report released on details of exporting from GB post-transition

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Deloitte and the British Retail Consortium have collaborated on a report detailing how export from Great Britain will work post-Brexit.

It focuses on trade at the end of the transition period.

In releasing the report, the BRC explained how the UK’s departure from the EU will herald the biggest change to the UK’s customs landscape in a generation.

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It said many businesses that have previously not needed to know about importing, exporting and tariffs will need to become specialists.

In this step-by-step guide we provide a checklist summarising the key considerations and actions businesses exporting goods from GB will need to take, as well as the steps EU countries are taking to prepare for border changes at the end of the transition period.

You can read the report HERE.

On the working collaboration, the BRC explained: “Through our partnership with Deloitte we’re able to bring additional insight, knowledge and expertise to help our members prepare for Brexit with Deloitte’s market-leading Global Trade Advisory team, Global Trade Bureau and Global Brexit Insights.”

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