Boris Johnson’s ‘social care rescue plan’ could still be five years away, PM confirms


In his first televised interview since his election last month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that his so-called social care rescue plan could still be five years away.

This is despite the prime minister pledging before the election that he and his team had a ready to go package to solve the social care crisis.

In an interview this morning with BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker, Johnson admitted that although his aim is to get his plans in motion within the first year, it could take until the end of the Government (potentially five years), to get it fully implemented.

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After explaining how he wants the elderly to receive the care they need without having to sell their homes, Dan Walker asked for a date.

The PM responded: “We’ll certainly get it done within this parliament.”

Walker pushed him, explaining how this could mean waiting five years, when his pre-election promise said there was a plan ready to be put into practice.

To which the PM confirmed: “Well, we will bring forward this year. We will bring forward a plan this year, we will get it done in this parliament.”

Adding: “It is a big, big thing.”

In November, in the run up to the General Election, AMP reported on the Conservative’s manifesto promise which laid out a three-point social care plan.

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