Boots Hearingcare gets on board with Audacious to support people living with hearing loss


Mobile network Audacious has partnered with Boots Hearingcare to collaborate on a shared mission of supporting people living with hearing loss.

Created in partnership with University of Cambridge experts in audiology, Audacious is described as the first of its kind mobile phone network, providing a solution for users with a range of hearing needs.

It uses world-first technology to personalise calls to the user’s unique hearing profile.

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In launching the partnership, the companies said the move represents Boots Hearingcare’s commitment to innovation and exploring the latest technology to help people hear better by finding the perfect hearing solution for them.

Audacious will now be featured among the range of products and services available to Boots Hearingcare customers.

The partnership will also see all Boots Hearingcare audiologists receive training on the Audacious service to provide them with the knowledge to support people exploring the service and if it can support their hearing needs.

Research from Audacious reveals that nine in ten (90%) people with hearing loss feel frustrated due to struggling to hear on mobile calls and nearly seven in 10 (69%) reported the communication breakdown left them feeling stressed.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of people with hearing loss report avoiding answering the phone altogether due to concerns of not hearing the person on the other end.

This has led to 22% experiencing feelings of isolation as a result. Audacious provides users with an optimised audio experience tailored to each individual’s hearing; nine in 10 people with hearing loss experienced clearer calls during trials.

Audacious CEO, Rob Shardlow said: “We are proud to be the first mobile network to partner with Boots Hearingcare, to realise our shared mission to support people with hearing loss. Audacious is training all Boots Hearingcare audiologists on this medically certified, world-first technology to ensure they are skilled to empower people across the UK on this innovative route to having clearer conversations and staying connected.”

While Karen Shepherd, Boots Hearingcare’s director of professional standards, added: “Holding conversation on the phone when you have a hearing loss and no visual cues to help piece together the conversation can take a lot of concentration and be physically draining, so people will often avoid taking calls.

“We are excited to be able to provide our customers with a solution to make that experience easier and more enjoyable.”

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