Better late than never for adequate PPE supplies


Councils across the country are beginning to report the adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) to care and healthcare workers.

Lancashire County Council, for example, has reported the successful delivery of nearly two million individual items of PPE to local care providers during the fight against the coronavirus.

The Preston Hub reported that over 1.8 million pieces of equipment have been distributed between 429 care providers.

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These numbers include several shipments flown in from other countries.

Meanwhile, the Welsh Government confirmed yesterday (Monday, June 1) that supplies in the country are “stable but fragile”, with three months’ worth of supplies in hand.

The Welsh Government still plans to rely more on the production of PPE, rather than shipping it in, in the coming months.

While this new stability in the country’s stock of PPE is partly due to the increased shipment and manufacture of PPE, the dropping number of COVID-19 cases is also a factor.

Finally, it emerged yesterday that South Tyneside has been one of the few regions in the UK to not experience PPE shortages during the entire coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Hall, director of public health at South Tyneside Council, explained: “We phone the care homes every single day to check their stock levels.”

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