Augmented Reality brings Stannah stairlifts to people’s homes

Stannah (L)

Stannah has teamed up with PTC® to develop an app that brings their virtual stairlifts into the homes of potential customers.

Using Augmented Reality, the Envisage app helps prospective customers get a clearer picture of how a stairlift might fit into their home.

Sales engineers are also able to minimise the amount of time spent in the homes of people by using AR to quickly show exactly how the product will look, including curved and straight stairlifts, movements and positions and differences in upholstery fabrics.

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The process takes just a few moments to complete and the customer can then be transported into the future to see the product set-up in the context of their home.

They can zoom in on specific features and will receive images they can send on to their family, who may not be present at the consultation, but could play a role in the decision-making.

It is the next stage in Stannah’s digital transformation journey, which has seen it use PTC’s Creo® and Windchill® technology to enhance its design and product lifecycle management.

“Augmented reality helps alleviate the hurdles of purchase and the questions that customers have,” explained Ross Pascoe, Chief Technology and Design Officer at Stannah.

“We can use AR to explain the product features and we can show the clear benefits for them rather than focusing on their challenges that led them here.

“We noticed that a lot of customers needed an additional tool to envisage how their purchase would look in their homes. This is where Augmented Reality and our strategic partnership with PTC came into its own.

“Our development team took twelve months to create Envisage, and our sales consultants are now using it when visiting clients, giving people a clear idea of how the stairlift will look whilst exploring which models are best suited to the environment.

“We have been making use of AR technology for some time. However, we quickly realised when the pandemic struck that this technology could also help with social distancing and, importantly, minimise the time we spent in people’s homes.

“Envisage was recently launched and will be rolled-out across all of our UK and international teams, working in more than 46 countries across the world.”

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