Assistive tech pioneers partner to drive independent living of hearing and visually impaired community


Two technology pioneers have teamed up to break new ground in assistive technology solutions.

Hearing industry leader Starkey, and AI-driven artificial vision industry leader OrCam Technologies, are integrating their trademarked technologies to help those suffering from both hearing and vision loss.

The result is a single solution that pairs Livio Edge AI hearing aids to wearable OrCam MyEye devices via a wireless connection, providing both hearing enhancement and audio communication of the visual world to a user at the same time.

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Starkey’s CTO Achin Bhowmik, said: “Livio AI transformed hearing aids into multipurpose, connected health devices with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence.”

Adding: “By using AI, we’re bridging the gap between a patient’s hearing health and their overall health and wellness. This partnership with the OrCam MyEye device allows us to achieve even greater success in our quest to help people live happier and healthier lives by enhancing and augmenting human perception and cognition with advanced technology.”

While OrCam Technologies co-founder and co-CEO, Amnon Shashua, commented: “People who have both vision and hearing loss are often unable to find solutions that effectively address both of these limitations.”

OrCam’s cooperation with Starkey represents an advantageous opportunity, demonstrating OrCam’s ability to apply the advanced computer vision and machine learning methods we have developed to transmit the visual world through audio, in collaboration with Starkey’s Livio Edge AI hearing aids, to deliver a true and total solution. This holistic technological approach provides the ability for those with both vision and hearing loss to access the world more independently.”

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