Assistive exercise equipment firm contracted to kit out Cardiff gym


A leisure centre in Cardiff has taken stock of 12 Shapemaster Toning Tables which will allow people with certain conditions to improve mobility and rehabilitate.

Llanishen Leisure Centre is exploring the benefits of power assisted exercise and made the decision to introduce the state-of-the-art exercise and toning equipment to widen its client base in Cardiff.

Shapemaster, which supplies leisure firms across the country, designs a range of equipment which can help manage long term conditions such as stroke, MS, Fibromyalgia and other neurological conditions.

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At the unveiling of the new equipment, guest speaker and child protection campaigner Dr Sara Payne MBE, talked of her personal experience about the massive stroke that nearly killed her eight years ago and her subsequent journey to regain mobility and independence through rehabilitation and physical activity.

The new toning suite is the first of its kind in Cardiff and designed so that it can be used by everybody, irrespective of age, mobility, weight or fitness level.

Anthony Hayes, general manager of Better Cardiff Llanishen, explained: “Our new equipment means better access to inclusive fitness and self-managed exercise in the community for people living with long term illnesses.

“It is power assisted so you work with the machine not against it. It is the perfect choice for anyone coming back to exercise after periods of rest or inactivity, the elderly or people that are less mobile.

“The new equipment has all the benefits of traditional gym equipment losing those extra inches on your waist and improving circulation and flexibility.”

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