Arjo secures exclusive distribution rights for SEM Scanner after Bruin Biometrics equity investment


Bruin Biometrics has agreed for Arjo to acquire an equity stake in Bruin Biometrics.

Arjo is appointed an exclusive distributor for BBI’s pressure ulcer assessment device, the SEM Scanner. 

BBI is a US-based technology company committed to modernising health care with biometric sensor technology for the early detection and monitoring of chronic, preventable conditions in collaboration with clinicians.

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Joacim Lindoff, president and CEO of Arjo, commented: “The BBI technology is well aligned with our strategy and will help us strengthen our offering of outcome-based solutions. By combining our extensive knowledge and sales network with BBI’s technology, we will help drive a shift in pressure injury management towards prevention and ultimately better clinical and financial outcomes.”

Adding: “This investment means we will gain further access to the wound care market, where we see substantial growth potential.”

While Martin Burns, CEO of BBI, said: “Few medical conditions ever present themselves to an attainable and near-term preventative solution as pressure injuries. Realising the outcome of preventing preventable pressure injuries benefits millions of patients affected and tens of thousands who die from related complications every year. Economic savings through prevention extend to many tens of billions of dollars annually.

“Pressure injury incidence can and should be reduced. Arjo’s knowledge, expertise and scale will enable many patients and their families, providers, and payors to benefit from this solution worldwide.”

The Distribution Agreement commenced as signed on October 8, 2020 .

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