Appello offers guide on role of cloud solutions in technology enabled care

Go further with Cloud

Appello, a leading provider of digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) solutions for local authorities and housing providers, has published a new guide to the role of cloud solutions in TEC.

Go further with cloud’ sets out how, by hosting applications such as the monitoring centre in the cloud, and managing the data drawn from field technology in the cloud, the capabilities and possibilities for TEC expand exponentially.  It gives eight practical considerations for embracing cloud in a monitoring environment.

Tim Barclay, CEO of Appello, said: “Cloud is one of the many cogs in the digital transformation wheel and cloud services have been empowering digital transformation in many organisations for over a decade, but no one could predict the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it would have on accelerating the adoption of cloud in Technology Enabled Care.”

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As a cloud application, CareNet enabled Appello to provide services to over 200,000 vulnerable individuals during three national lockdowns. After highlighting the value of its platform, it made the strategic decision to invest further and offer cloud-based solutions to local authorities and housing associations who are looking to upgrade their monitoring centre or deliver greater services to their customers.

Tim added: “Cloud opens up a new realm of possibilities for TEC and provides the opportunities and infrastructure to meet changing policies across housing, health and social care, in particular for the integration of services and supporting residents’ health and wellbeing, enabling them to live safely and independently.”

Tim Barclay and Mark Stratford, Head of Commercial at Appello, are hosting a webinar for local authorities and housing providers on 12 May at 1.30pm. To book the webinar or to download the ‘Go Further With Cloud’ guide see here.

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