AMP AWARDS 2019 SHORTLIST: Best Customer Service Initiative

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The Best Customer Service Initiative award recognises those dealers that have looked to solidify the customer service bedrock upon which their business is built and tweak their operations to ensure each client receives impeccable service.

We are delighted to announce that the 2019 shortlist includes the following dealers:


Wheelfreedom’s management has created a proven a model which amplifies customer service to the extreme. It operates a business that few dealers in the industry would be able to mimic and the results are extremely satisfied customers. One of the industry’s top manufacturers admits that it has never received a single complaint from a Wheelfreedom customer, illustrating the focus the distributor places on client care. In recent months, the business has been selected to represent trusting suppliers at customer-facing events. Wheelfreedom has taken an active role in the question of mobility scooter safety this year, weighing in at industry events, ultimately, to the benefit of end-users.  

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Ability Matters

Despite developing its work with NHS contracts, the Ability Matters Group has not let its retail standards slip. The customer care demanded by its tenders has continued to filter into its mobility shops this year. In the most recent set of Motability awards, Ability Matters once again achieved the highest customer service score in the large fleet category with an average of 9.83/10. Demonstrating exceptional commitment to high standards of care, Ability Matters continues to set the bar for the industry. Ability Matters has recently invested in sourcing new products, training expert advisors and streamlining its offering to enhance the overall customer experience.   

Ability Plus

Ability Plus pins its business on customer service. It is not afraid to tell customers that they are welcome to voice their gripes but from its online reviews it is clear that its clients are uniformly satisfied. The company’s renewed drive to ensure all of its scooter customers are covered by insurance policies reflects the management’s caring attitude to end-users. In the face of online competition, Ability Plus has bolstered its ability to provide added value and a service customers cannot find on the internet. The retailer’s ‘grandmother test’ has seen the staff adopt an ethos of: ‘If the service is good enough for your grandmother then it’s probably good enough for the customer’.  

Rise Furniture and Mobility

Harrogate-based Rise Furniture and Mobility boasts a bulging trophy cabinet, packed with silverware acknowledging its dedicated approach to customer service. Offering customers a chance to try before they buy, Rise Furniture and Mobility has combined scrupulous client care with a sleek and modern retail experience rare in this industry. The business has launched a door-to-store service for customers unable to access the shop on their own, which has proved highly successful in rural areas. The company has become one of few mobility firms to be member of the Furniture Ombudsman and despite its youth it is quickly becoming one of the most trusted dealers in the region.

Love Mobility

When it launched recently, Love Mobility did not have plans to run more than one modest store. Yet a few months on, it is eyeing up the potential of a third and fourth shop. Key to its growth in the last year has been a keen focus on customer experience. Forwarding phone calls directly to bosses’ mobile phones, offering a ‘meet-and-greet’ service outside stores and staff training are just some initiatives it has introduced. Founder Rob Wilcock is drawing on all his experience and he has decided to limit expansion to ensure the company – and its service – does not become overstretched. Few dealers are as disciplined when it comes to scaling strategies.               

The 2019 AMP Awards ceremony takes place on Monday 21 October at The Dressler, 113 Chancery Ln in London. It is free to attend for dealers. To register your interest, email

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