Alpine HC raises game with new bed addition

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Alpine HC has added a new range of specialist rotating chair beds to its existing care bed range. The beds are all designed to help patients reach a standing position independently and the range includes turning adjustable beds, rotating chair beds and front-exit beds.

A turning adjustable bed has the ability to take a disabled or elderly user from a supine/lying position to a near standing position. The profiling mattress platform allows the user to sit up in bed.

Specialist engineering then enables the user to electrically rotate the mattress 90 degrees so the profiled platform is facing out from the bed. The user then uses armrests/grab rails to help reach a standing position.

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Some rotating chair beds have a riser function. When the mattress platform is rotated into a chair position, the riser function enables the user to tilt the chair forward, much like a rise and recline chair. The riser function greatly improves the elderly or disabled user’s ability to stand, the company says.

The range of beds are designed to be appealing to look at and wood construction ensures the sophisticated mechanisms will fit into a home care environment unobtrusively.

Alpine HC’s new range includes a number of designs as well as a bed that can be customised to fit with existing home interiors. A height adjustable rotating chair mechanism that can be integrated into an existing bed frame is also part of the range.

A front-exit stand assist bed also offers an alternative to the traditional rotating chair bed versions. This bed profiles and tilts forward to allow the user to get out of the end of the bed.

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