ALERT: Mobility retailers advised to be aware of potential scam

Mobility retailers up and down the country have been advised to remain vigilant of potential scams during the coronavirus crisis.

In a tough and unprecedented business period, it is speculated that some criminals out there are attempting to take advantage of dealer’s better nature.

It seems that two men, claiming to be from Birmingham but with foreign accents, have called mobility dealers attempting to buy a high ticket item.

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When discussing with the retailer, they settle for whatever is in stock and demand it be delivered the following day.

However, when it comes to the payment, which they want to do over the phone, the payments do not go through and bounce back.

One retailer who could have suffered at the hands of this was Derby Mobility.

The company’s managing director, Rob Cartledge, told AMP that when attempting to take payment his merchant informed him that the cards were Brazilian.

Despite those affected by the attempted transaction, there is no proof the requests had not been legitimate.

However, remaining vigilant and communicating with one another is something this industry is good at and should continue to do so throughout the pandemic,

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