AI-powered smart glasses launch for blind and visually impaired people


Envision has announced the launch of AI-powered smart glasses for blind and visually-impaired people.

Envision Glasses use artificial intelligence to extract information from images, enabling users to ‘see’ the world around them through the spoken word.

The software is able to recognise text and scripts in more than 60 languages; describe images when the user takes a picture; detect colours; and read short pieces of text, such as public transport information.

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It also enables the user to teach Envision the faces of their friends and family, so when their faces come into frame, their names will be spoken out loud.

The launch of Envision Glasses is the next step in Envision’s evolution and builds off of the success of the company’s AI-assistive iOS and Android smartphone app.

Envision CEO Karthik Mahadevan said: “Envision was born from our desire to empower blind and visually impaired people with greater independence and access to the visual world, including things many of us take for granted, like reading text from a book, newspaper, magazine, computer, tablet or smartphone screen, perusing a product label, opening and reading a handwritten card or letter from a loved one, or running a business meeting without the need for assistance.

“Envision Glasses integrate our proprietary AI-assistive software with high quality, lightweight, enterprise-grade Google Glass to offer the most robust and cost-effective vision aid technology solution on the market today.” 

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