AI to monitor in-store customer behaviour in Adobe’s new retail solutions

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Software solutions company Adobe has launched a number of new retail tools which incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses monitor customer behaviour in-store.

Announced at NRF 2018, ‘Retail’s BIG Show’, the new suite includes a tool that monitors in-store customer behaviour, a Big Data integration with Hadoop, and VR & AR capabilities.

One of the new tools is an Adobe Labs project that helps retailers to analyse live foot traffic in a store and send each shopper a personalised push-notification with data-driven product recommendations and offers. It means that in-store experiences can reach the same level of personalisation that data-driven online experiences can.

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Meanwhile, 3D design tools enable retailers to create 3D assets that can be used on VR and AR handsets. Consumers visualise a product in their own homes, for example.

The suite is also offering a smart imaging capability which helps retailers to automatically scale their marketing creative and e-commerce experiences to fit different screen sizes and bandwidth. This claims to minimize a file size by 70% to provide faster experiences.

Big Data capabilities with Hadoop will also enable retailers to take Big Data about their customers’ preferences, history with the brand, and demand forecasts, and use this data to inform a marketing campaign on Adobe Experience Cloud. It means that retail marketers have the power to act on these insights, with no need for a complex data migration.

Finally, Adobe’s Experience Driven Commerce offering forms a flexible set of microservices available via an open API that enable retailers to provide a shopping experience that is connected across multiple touchpoints.

Adobe claims that 50% of consumers state they would shop with a brand they had never heard of if it offered a better customer experience. It hopes its new set of tools will help retailers to make customer experiences more personalised and encourage more new business.

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