Ableworld gets Government clarification on ‘key worker’ guidelines for mobility retailers

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Ableworld has secured Government clarification and backing from the Government on the ‘key worker’ guidelines for mobility retailers.

It explained how many mobility retailers have been left questioning whether they actually fall under the ‘key-worker’ requirements set out by the Government.

Many retailers have decided to temporarily close their doors while some have remained open.

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Ableworld says it has been committed from the very beginning that they are on hand to support people through the pandemic and they are doing everything they can to continue their efforts.

It has contacted local MPs to ensure vulnerable residents are not forgotten about during these difficult circumstances.

The firm has since received confirmation that they are permitted to open and will be able to remain open, should further restrictions be implemented.

Some MPs replied asking for further clarification and one enquired directly with Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, who answered: “Of course. Government guidance is clear that those who cannot work from home then they can travel to work. For those who are key workers supporting the COVID19 effort people SHOULD go to work.”

On this, Mike Williams said: “No one ever plans for situations like this but our mission statement remains during the toughest of times and we are committed to provide caring solutions enabling them to enjoy greater independence.

“Of course turnover has dropped in stores and there is an argument we should close our stores and have the Government pay our wage bill but it’s not about profit in these times, it’s about being available for the people who need us.”

Adding: “We want as much as everyone else to protect as many people as possible while also assisting our National Health Service ensuring patients can return to their homes safely, freeing up much needed hospital beds.”

As a business, Ableworld has taken steps to protect customers and staff. A number of staff from stores and Head Office have been furloughed and have also implemented cleaning regimes and increased availability of protective equipment to ensure employees are safe.

Ableworld are offering contactless deliveries and has the majority of its daily living aids available to purchase online, ensuring they take their responsibilities very seriously.

Williams continued: “The support we have received from OTs, Care Homes, Health professionals and customers really is overwhelming. The vast majority of the feedback received could not have been more positive.”

Concluding: “We help customers every day of the year and we are proud to be able to support the NHS and our customers during this crisis. It is and will continue to be tough for everyone in these times but we will get through it with the help and support of our fantastic staff.”

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