Abacus gets set to introduce latest CPD assisted bathing education at The OT Show

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OTs Kate Sheehan and Adam Ferry are set to deliver new CPD-accredited education regarding assisted bathing at next month’s OT Show.

Working in conjunction with Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions, Kate and Adam are highly experienced Occupational Therapists from The OT Service who lead the nationwide Abacus CPD training programme and ‘Lunch and Learn’ bathing workshops.

Sheehan’s first seminar will focus on how bathing assessments often become focused on the physical transfer of getting in and out of the bath. 

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The session will consider the occupation of bathing with a particular focus on how bathing can support sleep and positive routines. 

Ferry, in the second seminar, will cover how posture and its assessment are something typically associated with seating and sleeping.

He asks the question: Will the same problems, and solutions, not also apply to bathing? This session focuses on the issues of bathing posture with facilitated discussion around how safe and effective bathing can be supported for those clients with postural needs.

The third session, also led by Ferry, will consider the theory behind the use of bathing to support development through the use of play whilst reinforcing both parenting, carer and children’s roles.

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