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In the wake of Stop Pressure Ulcer Day, postural support expert AAT GB is highlighting a combination of new technologies to avoid occurrence in the first place, and thus potentially reduce the daily £1.4m cost to the NHS.

The company’s innovative Stabilo range of vacuum postural support cushions is infinitely mouldable and reformable to avoid any pressure points occurring. The  technology is being fine-tuned with the introduction of pressure-mapping, so any potential trigger points can be eliminated from the outset.

“Using appropriate therapeutic devices is central to the Stop the Pressure campaign’s ethos. However, many existing postural supports are solid/ fixed systems, “ observes Peter Wingrave, AAT GB Sales Director. “Our vacuum system works differently, dispersing the body weight evenly across the surface and therefore avoiding any pressure points. And just to be safe, we can map the weight-bearing surface, to ensure there are no pressure points.

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“The technology also means one cushion can be infinitely and minutely adjusted to each user, with the finite ability to precisely adjust, even raising just one hip, for example. Thus the system can accommodate changes in the person’s condition – or even different users – without the need for costly reconfigurations inherent with fixed-mould supports.”

AAT’s vacuum support system centres around a range of ‘beanbag’ cushions, for sitting, lying, sleeping, bathing. When the air is removed from the cushion via an easily-attached pump, the ‘beans’ set into place, perfectly mirroring the body contours whilst providing correct postural support.

Manufactured from neoprene, the cushions are waterproof so can be easily disinfected, and wiped clean.

AAT provides full training so care providers can optimise value and service provision, being given the capability to re-mould the Stabilo time and again.

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