47% of disability benefit reassessments result in people losing out on money


Nearly half of people who underwent PIP reassessments last year had their money either reduced or cut.

That’s according to new Government statistics which show 47% of people who were on the old DLA benefit system will receive less money to help them live independently on the new PIP system, which is currently being rolled out.

Out of the 947,000 people undergoing reassessments 22% had their money reduced and 25% had it cut altogether. Around 443,000 claimants had funding reduced or withdrawn.

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But according to the DWP’s figures 13% of claimants’ support was unaffected while 39% had their funding increased.

Recently, PIP assessments were judged to be unacceptable by the Government’s quality control scheme.

Data showed the private firms which are responsible for PIP assessments, and earn more than £500m doing it, failed to meet their quality standards target after over 6% of assessments were deemed “unacceptable” between July and October.

The figures were released by the Government to the Commons Work and Pensions Committee, which placed the two PIP assessment firms, Atos and Capita, under the spotlight.

A court found last month that some people were not receiving enough benefits to allow them to live independent lives.

The DWP subsequently set out new guidelines which will see some claimants receiving higher levels of PIP support.

This move could mean around 10,000 people receiving an additional £70 to £90 a week within five years.

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