3,000 sign petition to save elderly man’s mobility scooter shed from demolition

Thomas Harrison

A petition to help an elderly man whose shed housing his mobility scooter is in danger of demolition, has reached 3,000 signatures.

Thomas Harrison built the shed two years ago after a house move meant there was no space for him to leave his mobility scooter indoors.

However Craven District Council gave an enforcement order for it to be taken down earlier this year.

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This prompted Harrison’s granddaughter, Lucy Ackroyd, to start the petition, claiming that the family had called the council prior to building to check it did not need planning permission.

As reported by Stray FM, she said: “He was in all the time before we got him the mobility scooter. He got a new lease of life afterwards.

“Even just nipping to the shop to get the paper or some milk – he’ll go to watch the village bowls and visit his cows because he was a dairy farmer.

“It’s the difference between having a shed to keep it in and charge it, and not having it at all.

“We built it so he can get in and out with access.

“The council aren’t really looking at the bigger picture and how much he needs it.”

However Craven District Council chief executive Paul Shevlin has said that no planning permission had been granted for the shed despite the family being advised that it would be necessary, and that there was no record of the call Ackroyd had alleged.

In addition to the petition, an appeal against the enforcement notice has been launched by the family which will be determined by the planning inspectorate.

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