VIDEO: Wetroom specialist demonstrates tanking membrane

Wetroom specialist Impey has released a new instructional video, illustrating how a wetroom can be waterproofed using its WaterGuard tanking membrane.

Impey said that one of the most common topics on its ‘We Are Wetrooms’ training tour is how to achieve a leak-free wetroom installation prior to tiling using WaterGuard. The new video aims to illustrate how it can be used by installers.

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WaterGuard consists of a 1mm thick, self-adhesive membrane which is applied throughout the wetroom, across the floor (and, also on the walls if specified). It turns the room into a large, watertight ‘tank’ and aims to ensure a failsafe wetroom installation.

Impey says the key to achieving effective waterproofing is to create an entirely watertight barrier on both the floor and walls, to guard against any potential leaks and create an ideal surface on which to begin tiling.

To safeguard against leakage, Impey recommends waterproofing walls and floors as a ‘belt and braces approach’ to installation; eliminating the danger of leakage, which can be damaging to the structure of the wetroom, or potentially the structure of the building itself.



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