Shopmobility hails accessible Isle of Wight stores as service grows 10% a year

Stock Image: David Ramos/Getty Images

Scooter users at a Shopmobility in the Isle of Wight have been encouraged to nominate the area’s most accessible shops for an award. 

The mobility scooter loan company, which has recently seen the closure of several sites around the UK, has previously hailed Boots, Newport as the most accessible store.

A Shopmobility spokesperson said: “With more than 350,000 mobility scooter users in the country, it makes sense for shop owners to increase the income these users can bring.

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“The number of mobility scooter users is increasing by about 10% each year and both our Island residents and visitors find them invaluable.

“Rather than complaining about mobility scooter users, let’s congratulate them for getting out and about and taking part in Island life.”

All retail premises are required to make reasonable adjustments to steps, doors, lifts, toilet and parking facilities under the 2010 Equality Act.



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