POWER LIST 2017: James Ashwell, Founder, Unforgettable.org

Up until now there has not been a fully-comprehensive dementia product and advice retail outlet in the mobility industry.

James Ashwell, founder of Unforgettable.org, hopes to change that by filling a gap seemingly left untouched by much of the mobility sector.

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A true market shift, James’ pioneering new ecommerce operation is looking to bring dementia living products to the masses and with the demand for such items and advice set to soar, Unforgettable sits well-placed for future success.

After caring for his mother, who was living with dementia, James became aware of a lack of knowledge surrounding dementia aids and embarked on a mission to change the landscape for patients living with the disease, carers and their relatives.

After launching in 2015, the website racked up 1.2 million visitors last year, capturing the attention of private equity firm McKesson, which recently invested £2.25m into the business.

Now, James is primed to make waves on the mobility retail stage. He is looking to bring larger, more general products to his offering, including mobility scooters.

While he holds a niche stake in the market at the moment, there is every chance that James’ site will become a major player in the general mobility retail space before long.

Address: Unforgettable, 6-8 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX
Tel: 02033 229070
Twitter: @Unforget_org
Website: www.unforgettable.org



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