Parkgate Mobility releases CCTV of man ‘breaking into office’

Image: Parkgate Mobility

Yorkshire retailer Parkgate Mobility has released CCTV images appearing to show a man allegedly breaking into its Rotherham office earlier this week.

The CCTV images were released on the dealer’s social media pages in an effort to identify the man pictured in the video, who it says “broke into [its] office on Effingham Street, Rotherham on Sunday”.

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The video shows a man wearing a grey hooded jumper under a black coat standing next to a metal fence before climbing over it.

In an unrelated incident in October involving another Yorkshire distributor, Eden Mobility, a van was stolen from its head office in Scunthorpe.

A statement from Eden said that the van had a tracker installed which the alleged thieves managed to remove at the scene before taking off with the vehicle.

Shortly after the reported incident Eden published a number of CCTV images on its website appearing to show men stealing the van.



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