Chelsea FC ‘enters legal promise’ to improve disabled access

Chelsea says it will be fully compliant with guidelines once it has renovated its stadium. Image: Clive Rose/Getty Images

Chelsea is the latest football club to have entered into a legally-binding promise which will see it commit to improving disabled access at its ground.

The move, which follows an investigation by Telegraph Sport, means that England’s biggest football clubs have now pledged to invest in better access solutions, meaning some dealers and suppliers could see a peak in demand for their installation and provision services.

Since Telegraph Sport launched a series of investigations into disabled access at Premier League clubs Chelsea has pledged to double its wheelchair user provision before next season.

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The club has been slow to make adaptations, citing an old stadium as a reason for failing to meet disability access guidelines.

As a result of many clubs failing to meet the Accessible Stadia Guide’s minimum recommendations by August 2017, some large clubs including Chelsea were threatened with legal action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Since investigations commenced, Chelsea has agreed to add more than 100 wheelchair spaces and Liverpool has doubled its wheelchair provision to 250.

Meanwhile, Bournemouth has been praised for meeting 183% of the recommended wheelchair spaces.

Other clubs have invested in Changing Places facilities and it is hoped that more clubs will follow suit and invest in more access and mobility equipment.



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